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Another Day, Another Beach

15 Jan
The beach at Caerhays

The beach at Caerhays

The Gardens of Heligan and Caerhays Beach….. I went to puppy training last night and that was so much fun but I will post about that another time.

Heligan reflections

Heligan reflections

Today we went to The Lost Gardens of Heligan and a beach by a big castle at Caerhays. It is almost too much for a small puppy to take in. We found the lost Gardens O.K so I guess they can’t be that lost.


They were almost deserted and full of new smells that made walking on the lead a little tricky because Marilyn didn’t seem to want to explore in the bushes. We did all this ‘walking on the lead’ at puppy class and I was quite good at it there but I forget today and had to be reminded that humans like to walk in a straight line and to stay on the path. Strange beings.



Then it is the beach just as the sun is starting to set. Again it is almost deserted and there are miles of sand to run up and down on and to dig in. Lots of lovely fishy smells too. And I am let off the lead so it’s great fun.

I’m sure I’m meant to like the water and getting wet but at the moment I prefer to jump over it as it is rather too cold.


We do a lot of running to and fro my humans today until I suddenly feel very tired and let them know it is time to go home for some naps.