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Meeting Rosie, Big Walks and the Pub

8 Jan


My new friend Rosie….. So it is a New Year and the excitement of Xmas is nearly over. I’ve had my first walks with my human pack but this day is special. I get to meet a grown up dog called Rosie AND go for a walk with her.


First she comes to my house and to be fair I was not too sure at first and did my best to give a barky growl to tell my humans that I would protect them come what may – but really I am a bit scared and back off to the safety of the stairs behind Tim’s legs. I needn’t worry though as Rosie  seems very calm and doesn’t seem to want to attack anyone or steal my food bowl or do anything really except sit quietly by her humans.After a while I think I can poke my nose out and give her a little sniff. I takes a minute or two but soon I think I should run into the garden and I secretly hope she will follow. She comes out when she is sent ( she is ssooooo obedient) and lets me sniff while she stands there.


Soon I am inviting her to run around the bushes and  I am able to chase her. I think I am very fierce with my excited barking because after a while she  runs back to her humans for a sit down. After a little while of playing around she takes my favourite spot on the second step of the stairs and I have to lie on the first step and try to get my nose as close to her as I can. I think she is great – especially as she seems to know exactly what her humans are talking about and  what they want her to do.

I am going to try and copy her. She is a bit like my mum in a way and she used to show me things to do as well.

Tressilian gardens with the Carrick roads in the distance

Trellisick gardens with the Carrick roads in the distance

Then  the exciting bit when we go out in the car for a walk to some gardens and a beach and some woods. Unlike the cold, windy day of the first walk on a beach, today is quite sunny and warm and soon I am able to run free off the lead with my new friend. She seems to be able to go a long way from her humans very quickly and I am not happy to leave my humans in case they get lost so I let her go and look in all those dark bushes and only chase her tail when she comes closer.



My humans play a great game with me where they split up and one calls me and I run as fast as I can to them. When I sit I get a treat and then the other one calls me and I dash over to them. Rosie is very good at walking with her humans when they tell her to but she is a bit daft because she doesn’t get treats. To be honest my guys don’t always give me a treat although they tell me how clever I am and give me big strokes which is almost as good.




After a very long walk on the beach and in the woods I need a bit of a carry. Thankfully Tim doesn’t pick me up until Rosie has gone on her longer walk so she won’t know that I needed a carry. Then we all met up with the human puppy Abbie and her mum and dad at the pub. They had some stuff to eat but ,to be honest, I just needed a big sleep on Marilyn’s lap. P1020766


I was lucky.  Poor Rosie was left in the car! I’ll have to tell her how comfortable this pub sofa is. If I behave myself perhaps they will want to take me again.