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Puppy Training Classes

21 Jan


learning 'LEAVE'

learning ‘LEAVE’



Or, as I like to call it, ‘  training the humans ‘…..

I have been going to training for three weeks now and I have to say my humans are getting better all the time.

mixing with the other pups

mixing with the other puppies

I love mixing it with all the other puppies and what I’d really like to do is run around and play all night. However,there are more serious things to do in between the little bouts of playing and I have to say I really enjoy the working bits, mainly because I get lots of praise and tons of treats. Tim has made me some liver cake that I can smell a mile off and I will jump through fire for some of this stuff . ‘SIT’ and ‘DOWN’ and ‘COME’ which we did in the first couple of weeks was a doddle but this week we have been doing ‘LEAVE’. Now when a piece of liver cake is put in front of you and you have to ‘LEAVE’ it that is very hard.

learning 'LEAVE'

learning ‘LEAVE’

LEAVE the toy

LEAVE the toy


However I have learnt that if I take a little leap backwards and give my best ‘lady Diana’ look I get given another piece of the stuff and get told what a good girl I am. So they think I’m ‘leaving’ it but I know I’m only really swopping it for another bit. Clever hey!

'SIT' and eye contact

‘SIT’ and eye contact

Mind you I find myself leaping back from the dishwasher every time Tim tells me to ‘LEAVE’ it, even though there’s not a lot better than licking a dirty dinner plate. So are they brainwashing me? And, come to think of it, I’ve stopped eating the horse poo I love so much when I’m asked to ‘LEAVE’ it. Mind you the liver cake does taste nicer than horse poo and I do love being told how good I am.

On the lead

On the lead

We do walking around on the lead at class. Now it is hard to concentrate on this when all the other puppies are up and about but I am finding it easy to concentrate on that bit of liver cake my humans hold in their hand and if I walk close enough I can smell it and eventually it will get popped in my mouth. I must say my humans are getting better at this and I am less worried about them getting lost when they are not on the lead.


Sometimes we just have to sit there and listen to the nice chief human telling all the other humans how to behave. Now this can get a bit boring but I’m getting better at sitting nicely. Some of the other puppies must have worms or ants in their pants because they find it hard not to jump around and play all the time and sometimes I have to bark and have a leap around too because I don’t want to look like a swot or teacher’s pet.



Anyway it’s all dead tiring this growing up bit ( and I AM getting bigger every day ) and I love getting home and curling up in my little bed for some zzzzzzzs.

Sleepy after puppy school

Sleepy after puppy school


Meeting Rosie, Big Walks and the Pub

8 Jan


My new friend Rosie….. So it is a New Year and the excitement of Xmas is nearly over. I’ve had my first walks with my human pack but this day is special. I get to meet a grown up dog called Rosie AND go for a walk with her.


First she comes to my house and to be fair I was not too sure at first and did my best to give a barky growl to tell my humans that I would protect them come what may – but really I am a bit scared and back off to the safety of the stairs behind Tim’s legs. I needn’t worry though as Rosie  seems very calm and doesn’t seem to want to attack anyone or steal my food bowl or do anything really except sit quietly by her humans.After a while I think I can poke my nose out and give her a little sniff. I takes a minute or two but soon I think I should run into the garden and I secretly hope she will follow. She comes out when she is sent ( she is ssooooo obedient) and lets me sniff while she stands there.


Soon I am inviting her to run around the bushes and  I am able to chase her. I think I am very fierce with my excited barking because after a while she  runs back to her humans for a sit down. After a little while of playing around she takes my favourite spot on the second step of the stairs and I have to lie on the first step and try to get my nose as close to her as I can. I think she is great – especially as she seems to know exactly what her humans are talking about and  what they want her to do.

I am going to try and copy her. She is a bit like my mum in a way and she used to show me things to do as well.

Tressilian gardens with the Carrick roads in the distance

Trellisick gardens with the Carrick roads in the distance

Then  the exciting bit when we go out in the car for a walk to some gardens and a beach and some woods. Unlike the cold, windy day of the first walk on a beach, today is quite sunny and warm and soon I am able to run free off the lead with my new friend. She seems to be able to go a long way from her humans very quickly and I am not happy to leave my humans in case they get lost so I let her go and look in all those dark bushes and only chase her tail when she comes closer.



My humans play a great game with me where they split up and one calls me and I run as fast as I can to them. When I sit I get a treat and then the other one calls me and I dash over to them. Rosie is very good at walking with her humans when they tell her to but she is a bit daft because she doesn’t get treats. To be honest my guys don’t always give me a treat although they tell me how clever I am and give me big strokes which is almost as good.




After a very long walk on the beach and in the woods I need a bit of a carry. Thankfully Tim doesn’t pick me up until Rosie has gone on her longer walk so she won’t know that I needed a carry. Then we all met up with the human puppy Abbie and her mum and dad at the pub. They had some stuff to eat but ,to be honest, I just needed a big sleep on Marilyn’s lap. P1020766


I was lucky.  Poor Rosie was left in the car! I’ll have to tell her how comfortable this pub sofa is. If I behave myself perhaps they will want to take me again.




Discovering the Pond and “find it” games…..

17 Dec


I’m still not old enough for walks outside although that last injection – the one when the vet also put a micro-chip in my neck – should mean I can go out on Christmas day. I hope so because that one hurt a bit and I must confess to having a little cry and a bit of a growl at the vet. I punished my human Tim by refusing to take any treats off him for a couple of hours.


Tim has taken me out around the village all wrapped up in my bed blanket. My favourite place is the pub because all the people there go “ooooh and ahhhh” and give me lots of cuddles. I like it round the village and I’ve seen big busses and lorries and men in bright yellow jackets who were digging in the road and a man in a big hat. They all stop and give me a stroke and everyone seems very friendly. I also like it at the end of the day when I can play in the front garden and I get to see all the school children who pass my gate. They mostly seem to like me too and I get more strokes. I like it when the postman comes because he always gives me a treat. Sometimes I give him a friendly bark “hello” just to let him know this is my house. But I can’t help wagging my tail ( it has a life of its own ) so he knows I don’t mean to be fierce really.


So today I was playing “find it” in the garden with Tim. He hides a treat in the bushes and says ” find it” and points. When I get close he does this click and I get my treat. It’s a good game but sometimes the treats are hard to find because there are so many interesting smells that are very strong in the garden. I love the geraniums and like to play tug of war with them.


let battle commence

let battle commence

I was on one of my searches when I discovered the pond again and , you guessed it, I went in again! I was tugging at the net and got too excited and the next thing I know is I’m in the cold water. I can tell you now this is probably the best fun ever! Especially when I get taken inside and wrapped up in a big towel and rubbed dry.


And all this exercise makes me very tired and I’m ready for another favourite pastime – sleep.


My Mum and Dad…..

11 Dec
mum and dad

mum and dad

I’d like to introduce you to my parents ( my real ones, not my human ones ).

I think you’ll agree they are rather ‘ansome, as we say in Cornwall.

Also my brothers and sisters who have all gone to good homes I hope.

I'm second from left

I’m second from left


Santa drops by

6 Dec
love this guy's boots. Could chew these all day

love this guy’s boots. Could chew these all day

My humans were talking earlier about this person. Santa they called him. Said he was coming to visit before going to the little children school. Well they can’t fool me. This is my daddy human all dressed up. Think he’s trying to scare me. They call it ‘socialising’. All I can say is those boots smell lovely and I could chew them all day if they let me.

If you look carefully you can just see me trying to it this guy’s boot