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haircut needed

15 May



hairy pooch

I have not been blogging for a while because I’ve simply been too busy growing up and that means growing my hair long as well. Most of the time I like having hair like this because my humans spend hours grooming me and I love that so much but I have started getting sharp sticks and thorns stuck in some rather painful places and that can ruin a good frolic as well as a young lady’s dignity. So tomorrow I am going to the groomers! ‘Barking and Butch’ of Truro will have the task of making me look presentable again. Not sure about that. Might have to give them the runaround. More to follow.

shaggy dog

shaggy dog







Hope to be blogging some more soon.








Puppy Training Classes

21 Jan


learning 'LEAVE'

learning ‘LEAVE’



Or, as I like to call it, ‘ ¬†training the humans ‘…..

I have been going to training for three weeks now and I have to say my humans are getting better all the time.

mixing with the other pups

mixing with the other puppies

I love mixing it with all the other puppies and what I’d really like to do is run around and play all night. However,there are more serious things to do in between the little bouts of playing and I have to say I really enjoy the working bits, mainly because I get lots of praise and tons of treats. Tim has made me some liver cake that I can smell a mile off and I will jump through fire for some of this stuff . ‘SIT’ and ‘DOWN’ and ‘COME’ which we did in the first couple of weeks was a doddle but this week we have been doing ‘LEAVE’. Now when a piece of liver cake is put in front of you and you have to ‘LEAVE’ it that is very hard.

learning 'LEAVE'

learning ‘LEAVE’

LEAVE the toy

LEAVE the toy


However I have learnt that if I take a little leap backwards and give my best ‘lady Diana’ look I get given another piece of the stuff and get told what a good girl I am. So they think I’m ‘leaving’ it but I know I’m only really swopping it for another bit. Clever hey!

'SIT' and eye contact

‘SIT’ and eye contact

Mind you I find myself leaping back from the dishwasher every time Tim tells me to ‘LEAVE’ it, even though there’s not a lot better than licking a dirty dinner plate. So are they brainwashing me? And, come to think of it, I’ve stopped eating the horse poo I love so much when I’m asked to ‘LEAVE’ it. Mind you the liver cake does taste nicer than horse poo and I do love being told how good I am.

On the lead

On the lead

We do walking around on the lead at class. Now it is hard to concentrate on this when all the other puppies are up and about but I am finding it easy to concentrate on that bit of liver cake my humans hold in their hand and if I walk close enough I can smell it and eventually it will get popped in my mouth. I must say my humans are getting better at this and I am less worried about them getting lost when they are not on the lead.


Sometimes we just have to sit there and listen to the nice chief human telling all the other humans how to behave. Now this can get a bit boring but I’m getting better at sitting nicely. Some of the other puppies must have worms or ants in their pants because they find it hard not to jump around and play all the time and sometimes I have to bark and have a leap around too because I don’t want to look like a swot or teacher’s pet.



Anyway it’s all dead tiring this growing up bit ( and I AM getting bigger every day ) and I love getting home and curling up in my little bed for some zzzzzzzs.

Sleepy after puppy school

Sleepy after puppy school

First Walkies….

28 Dec

Family, village and beach….

my human pack

my human pack

Christmas has been so exciting that I couldn’t find time to blog.


The best thing has been the ‘Walkies’ although I did have to put up a bit of a fight when they put that red ¬†coat on me. A puppy has got to have a bit of pride. My humans are too clever though and they know that if they offer me a treat for long enough I will give in and let them put it on. Not without a bit of a growl though.


At first I thought the lead thing was another toy to bite and chew but they showed me that it is really so that I am attached to my humans so that they don’t get lost when we are walking. They keep stopping when I run ahead and I have to go back to their side because they obviously can’t keep up with me. They are so grateful that they often give me a little treat and they say ‘walk close’. So I’ve got used to being near them and not pulling on the lead. It makes for an easy life.





I’ve been round the village a couple of times but yesterday and today I got to go out with a full pack, including a human puppy called Abbie. Yesterday was more fun than today because it wasn’t too cold and windy. I was let off the lead for a bit and I really enjoyed getting my nose down in the grass and following some lovely new scents. I almost got carried away but my humans must have been worried that they might get lost without me and called my name.


When I looked back to see them all standing still and not knowing where to go I had to scamper back and sit at Tim’s feet. Again he was so grateful he gave me a little treat. Now I know how useless they are without me I won’t let them out of my sight and I keep going back to check that they are alright.


It’s nice when we meet other humans who all seem to make a fuss of me. There are one or two dogs that I really like as well. They don’t seem to be able to leap up in the air and twist as well as I can though. They are all bigger than me so I show them a bit of respect by rolling on my back and letting them sniff me before I leap all over them and try to bite their ears.


Today was a bit of a different story because the pack went out to the beach. Well this meant a car journey and Tim drives too fast through the country lanes. Even when i cried a bit he didn’t slow down. They didn’t hear me being a bit sick either! And then the beach! Well it was blowing a gale and the sea ( which is enormous by the way ) was crashing in making a lot of noise. I put on a brave face on my long lead but I am quite close to the ground still and to be honest I was cold and a bit scared and starting shivering. I couldn’t help it – even when I tried to run with the pack. So I was pleased when Tim picked me up and put me under his coat.


I pretended to shiver lots then so he wouldn’t put me back down. But even the little human puppy Abbie was going a bit purple around her mouth and ears so we all headed back home where I fell asleep on one of my human sisters and dreamed of digging in the garden.

I didn’t tell you that I found Tim’s favourite reading glasses while digging in the garden He was so pleased with me he said something about ” Pickles having nothing on me”. I think Pickles was a famous dog who found a football trophy that was lost. My nose is really getting good at picking up different scents now and there’s nothing I love more than getting my nose to the floor and following a scent.


Except maybe eating and sleeping!